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McKees Rocks MASTERS

Formerly known as The Horrible Shot Cup Golf Holiday

It all began in 1994 when tournament founder, John Bechtel, and 3 of his college buddies went to North Myrtle Beach for a Golf Holiday. Little did they know that all these years later, the tournament would boast fields of up to 32 participants competing for The Horrible Shot Cup and Terrible Swing Plate.  After 25 years of making fun of the last place player by having their name engraved in the Terrible Swing Plate, the plate has filled-up and has been retired.

The McKees Rocks MASTERS is a 54-hole event scored by a modified modified Stableford system. This system is best for hackers. It rewards them on good holes, but doesn't penalize them for bad holes.

Points are awarded by the following guidelines:

01 point for a net Bogey
02 points for a net Par
04 points for a net Birdie
06 points for a net Eagle
10 points for a net Double Eagle
10 points for a Hole In One


Handicaps will be adjusted daily according to points earned.

NEW 2024

HCPs of 12+  19pts or less = +4  20pts = +3  21-22pts = +2  23-24pts = +1 
    25-30pts = NO CHANGE  31pts = -1  32pts = -2  33pts = -3  34pts or more = -4

HCPs of 7-11  19pts or less = +4  20pts = +3  21-22pts = +2  23-24pts = +1 
    25-30pts = NO CHANGE  31pts = -1  32-33pts = -2  34pts or more = -3

HCPs of 6 or less  19pts or less = +3  20-21pts = +2  22-24pts = +1 
    25-30pts = NO CHANGE  31-33pts = -1  34pts or more = -2

NOTE: Adjustments can take a player to the other side of 0.  That player would receive (+1) to their score, beginning with the 18hcp hole. 


Other Tournament Rules

In the event of a tie, the playoff will be 9 holes played with the same handicap as that day.  If players are still tied, then it is sudden death without handicap.

Regardless of the current scorecard at any given course, the pre-printed scorecards made at the tournament office will reflect the official hole handicaps for the championship.



The WHITE tees (closest to 6,000y) are our regular tees.  Here is the criteria for moving up:

If your age plus your white tee HCP equals 70 or more, you may request to play the GOLD tees.  However, ages 58 and under and HCPs of 5 or lower are not eligible for an automatic move-up.  All requests will be reviewed on an individual basis. 

The first year that you move up, your WHITE tee HCP AVG will be reduced by 5.

If the GOLD tee yardage is under 5,500 yards, the BLUE tees will become the regular tees and eligible players will be able to move up to the WHITE tees. 


Handicap System

Every player will be given a HCP AVERAGE that reflects their potential.  Your actual HCP for this event will be based off of your HCP AVERAGE.

HCP AVERAGES are based on an AVERAGE of 4 values.  It's your BEST 3 scores in MB over the past 5 years AND your MB Overall AVG.  Minimum 10 scores for BEST 3.  9 or less use BEST 2 + 1 Dummy

Rookies will have a Myrtle Beach Average assigned to them that reflects their ability. Rookies that play in the Tuesday Golf League will have their HCP Average tabulated using scores from Shadow Lakes.

Once your HCP AVERAGE is determined, we will subtract 72.  This will be your HCP for this Modified Modified Stabbleford Event.  For example:  If your HCP AVERAGE is determined to be 90, we will subtract 72 to get 18.  Then multiply by .75 for a grand total of 14.  That is your HCP for this event.  

Cup Winners
Tournament Champions

1995  Tim Gundlach

1996  Tom Forsberg

1997  John R. Bechtel

1998  George Paul Coultas III

1999  Don Coultas

2000  Don Coultas

2001  Doug Dillinger

2002  Jody Dickerson

2003  Don Coultas

2004  Rob Thomas

2005  Chris Fanzini

2006  Chris Fanzini

2007  Joe Lipinski

2008  Tom Buranovsky

2009  George Paul Coultas III

2010  Tom Buranovsky

2011  Paul Shanta

2012  Jody Dickerson

2013  Mike Alexander

2014  Mike Parsons

2015  Taylor Pawlish

2016  Herb McCroskey

2017  Nick Baker

2018  Gary Malloy

2019  George Paul Coultas III

2020  Steve Pratt

2021  Nick Baker

2022  Taylor Pawlish

2023  Randy Brockway


Plate Recipients
Last Place Finishers

1995  Doug Chen

1996  Jon Colombo

1997  Todd Garing

1998  Keith Diamond & Ross Shepherd

1999  Bucky Cline

2000  Ron Broda

2001  Vernon Salters

2002  Rob Clay

2003  Eric Gielata

2004  Bill Schrecengost

2005  Mark Broda

2006  Mark Rippole

2007  Tinker Mattarochia

2008  Crow Krivanek

2009  Crow Krivanek

2010  Mike Alexander

2011  Jason Moore

2012  John Cima

2013  Charlie Lopez

2014  Dan Vok

2015  Rick Booker & Tim Thomas

2016  Spider Gulbin

2017  Tinker Mattarochia

2018  Dan Vok

2019  Chris Fanzini