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Albert's Game



updated 10-6-2021


Photos courtesy of the Mark Broda collection.


Rules of our Game


1.  Buy-ins and buy-backs = $105. 

$100 to the purse, $5 to the dealer. 


2.  Players get 1,300 in chips. 

Black = 100, Green = 25, Red = 5.  


3.  We will play 15 minute levels according to the attached Blind Schedule.  We will break for 5 minutes after the 5th, 9th, 13th, and 17th levels.  NEW in 2021 - Antes are back.


4.  Every player is permitted to buy-back (1) time after he/she is busted.  The buy-back period is over at the end of the 9th level (2nd break).


5.  Since we play a friendly game, seats will not be assigned.  Feel free to sit next to your buddy.  However, if players begin to choose their seat to gain an advantage, we will draw for seats.


6.  We will payout according to the attached chart.  Players involved in the payouts are permitted to make deals and split the purse as they seem fit.  All deals must be clear with the dealer, and the dealer has final say.


7.  The first buy-back of the night will go to the dealer as a guaranteed partial tip.  Albert made this rule after someone didn't tip.  Al felt that the dealer deserved 10% of the purse for running the game, so he gave it to him off of the top.  When this rule was created, the purse was only $1,100 and the game took about 3.5 hours.  Now, we have purses that can easily reach $1,800 and games that can last 5 hours.  That means that the $105 buy-back that he gets can be as low as only 6%.  If you are lucky enough to be one of the winners, please consider tipping at least an additional 5% of your Main Game winnings.


8.  The following SIDE GAMES will also be played:


a. There will be a $20 per person "Last Man Standing" game that must be pre-paid.  This game is for first buy-ins ONLY.  Although you can buy-back into the Main Game, you are OUT of the $20 "Last Man Standing".


b. There will be a $100 per person "Last Man Standing" game that must be pre-paid.  This game is for first buy-ins AND buy-backs.  As long as you are in the Main Game, you are in the $100 "Last Man Standing".


c. This game currently ON HOLD - There will be a $20 per person Bounty game.  This game is NOT pre-paid.  However, every player that wants to participate in the Bounty game should announce that they are participating and put a $20 bill under their chip stack at the beginning of the Main Game.  This signifies that you are in the game and allows you to collect the bounties of other participating players when you bust them from the Main Game.  If you don't have a $20 bill under your stack, you are not in the game.  If you buy-back into the Main Game, you may participate in the Bounty game again by putting another $20 bill under your chip-stack.  If you don't want to risk another $20 just declare yourself out of the game.


9.  If you muck your cards by throwing them towards the dealer face down, they are considered DEAD if they hit the muck (other folded cards), or cause a player to reveal their hand.  Since we play a friendly game, we will allow players to retrieve cards that don't hit the muck and can easily be identified as theirs.  For example:  Sometimes one of the blinds will muck their cards without realizing they were a blind.  As long as their cards don't hit the muck and are easily retrievable, the dealer will return the cards and allow the player to continue.


10.  During "ALL IN" situations, at the dealer's direction, players are required to turn-up their cards for everyone to see.


11.  Players that are not "in sight" of the dealer (or on the phone away from the table, etc...) will have their cards mucked when it is their turn.  Players that are "in sight" of the dealer and making their way back to the table will be allowed to play their hand.


12.  If two players go broke on the same hand, the player with the greater amount of chips at the start of the hand finishes in the higher position.


13.  Intentionally exposing a card is illegal in tournament play and a hand can be ruled dead by the dealer if the dealer (or players) knows that the player has been warned previously.


14.  Once you say "call", you CAN'T raise.

For example:  You can't say, "I'll call your bet and raise you $100".


15.  If you want to raise, you must declare your intent to raise by (a) saying "raise", or (b) by stating an amount that is at least twice the bet to be called.


16.  When raising, you must put in your chips in the pot in one action.  You can't gradually toss-in chips, working towards your intended amount.  This is a string bet and will be considered just a call.  Always verbalize your bet/raise.


17.  If you put a single "over-value" chip in the pot, you must either (a) say "raise", or (b) state the amount of the bet, or it is a call. 

For example:  If you toss a $100 chip in the pot after a $25 bet, it is only a call, unless you say "raise" or declare the amount of your bet by saying "make it $100".


18.  Since we play a friendly game, if you show your cards to ANYONE at the table, EVERYONE has the right to see them at the end of the hand.


19.  If the dealer accidentally deals an extra hand, the hand is folded and play continues.  If he deals 2 extra hands it is a misdeal.


20.  If the dealer accidentally exposes a card during the deal, he should continue with the deal and give the player with the exposed card the last card of the deal and use the exposed card as the first burn card.  If 2 cards are accidentally exposed, the hand is considered a misdeal.


21.  When the Main Game reaches "heads-up" play, the dealer button and the Big Blind will be the same person.  The Small Blind will be the first to act on all streets.  This may be different than some are used to, but this is the way we've always done it.


22.  Late players will have a chip-stack put on the table, dealt to, and blinded.  Their chips will be removed if they aren't there by the end of the first break.


23.  You may request that the dealer put someone on a 30 second clock if you feel the player has had more than enough time to make his/her decision.  Once the dealer starts their 10 second count down, the player on the clock may ask for a 30 second extension if he/she is trying to make a really tough decision.  Putting someone on the clock and/or granting of an extension is at the sole discretion of the dealer.