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The HCP AVERAGES that are listed are based on your 3 BEST scores in Myrtle Beach over the past 5 years AND your overall Myrtle Beach Average. Please click "All Time Trip Scores" to see all of the scores and how the averages are tabulated.  Players with less than 10 rounds played will have 1 DUMMY score that reflects their potential added.

Rookies will have a HCP AVERAGE assigned to them that reflects their potential, not their average.



The tees that are closest to 6,000 yards (typically WHITE) are our regular tees.  Here is the criteria for moving up:

If your age plus your white tee Stabbleford HCP equals 72 or more, you may request to play the GOLD tees.  However, ages 58 and under and HCPs of 5 or lower are not eligible for an automatic move-up.  All requests will be reviewed on an individual basis.  The first year that you move up, your WHITE tee HCP AVG will be reduced by 5.

If the GOLD tee yardage is under 5,500 yards, the BLUE tees will become the regular tees and eligible players will be able to move up to the WHITE tees. 



2001 Field, from Left to Right:  Jody Dickerson, Paul Coultas, Doug Dillinger, Bucky Cline, Shawn Liguori, Sean Amann, Vernon Salters, Keith Brown