Taylor Pawlish Memorial Golf Tour
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Taylor Pawlish Memorial Golf Tour

The Taylor Pawlish Memorial Golf Tour is played every other weekend, May thru September, at courses all over Western Pennsylvania and Eastern Ohio.

Taylor was a beloved friend of ours and a super-competitive Recreational Golfer.  He always wanted to win.  Taylor was so well liked that we created this tour before his passing to make sure we all had the chance to play with him on a regular basis after his move way out to New Kensington.

The Skins game format is being used because Taylor hated giving strokes.  With a "Main Game" Skins game and a "B Flight" Skins game being played at each event, everyone can compete and handicap strokes don't determine the outcome.  That's how our buddy Taylor wanted it, so that's how we are going to do it.

Taylor Pawlish 1980-2023

2023 Schedule
Event #1 - May 6, 2023 at Reserve Run