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The RoxGolf.com Tuesday League is played at The Club at Shadow Lakes in Aliquippa. 
The 2019 SEASON will be 20 Tuesdays.  April 23rd thru September 3rd.

The Starting time will remain the same. 5:30pm SHOTGUN START. 

PLEASE ARRIVE BY 5pm TO PAY YOUR GREENS FEES ($23 to ride, $17 to walk), SIGN-UP FOR GAMES (Skins & Chip-Ins), AND TO LOAD YOUR CART. 

I'd like to begin making announcements at 5:25pm and then send everyone to their holes promptly at 5:30pm. 

The Regular Season will be "Round Robin" style Matchplay action in 6 different flight levels, culminating in a Single Elimination Playoff Tournament between all 6 flights to crown the Overall Handicap Matchplay Champion.

Please email me at roxgolf@live.com if you would like to be included in the league. 



Regular Membership - Regular Members will be included in all aspects of the league, including:

   - Weekly matches

   - The Pre-Season and Mid-Season Scramble events

   - Weekly CPs

   - Two weeks of Myrtle Beach points payouts in each flight

   - The Scratch Matchplay Tournament (top 16 only)

   - The Scratch Strokeplay Tournament (within re-set flights)

   - The Handicap Playoffs (Matchplay Tournament) 

The price for Regular Members is $150 for the season.


2019 Qualifying:  All NEW players (and players that did not participate in at least 10 weeks the previous season) will start the season as Guests.  When the time comes to set the flights, the top Guests will be used to fill all openings.  Guests will be elevated to Regular Members based on ability, not who you know or when you reserved your spot. The lowest Handicap Averages will qualify for the open spots.  This is the fairest way to fill open spots.  Players are encouraged to post as many 9-hole scores as possible before the end of April so that their handicap will be more accurate.  Players may play any additional day that is convenient for them.  Players should email or text their scores to Paul so that they are added to the stat sheet.


2019 Schedule: 

Tuesday, April 16 - Myrtle Beach Week

April 23 - Opening Night, Handicapping

April 30 - Handicapping

May 7 - Pre-Season 2-MAN Scramble

May 14 - Week 1 of Matchplay Season

May 21 - Week 2

May 28 - Week 3

June 4 - Week 4

June 11 - Week 5

June 18 - Week 6

June 25 - Mid-Season 3-Man Scramble

July 2 - Week 7

July 9 - Week 8

July 16 - Week 9, MB Points Paid, Scratch Matchplay Field Set

July 23 - Week 10, MB Points Paid, Poll Brackets Distributed for Scratch Matchplay

July 30 - Buffer Week for Tie-Breaks AND Start of Scratch Matchplay

August 06 - Round #1 of Scratch Strokeplay (NIT) AND Handicap Matchplay Brackets

August 13 - Round #2 of Scratch Strokeplay (NIT) AND Handicap Matchplay Brackets

August 20 - Round #3 of Scratch Strokeplay (NIT) AND Handicap Matchplay Brackets

August 27 - Round #4 of Scratch Strokeplay (NIT) AND Handicap Matchplay Brackets

September 3 - Championship Tuesday (All Tournaments to be completed)

September 3 - Ryder Cup Draft, then the Matches will be set for September 10


Fall Ryder Cup (not included in League Dues)

September 10 - 5pm - Ryder Cup 2-MAN Scramble Matches

September 17 - 5pm - Ryder Cup 2-MAN Best Ball Matches

September 24 - 5pm - Ryder Cup SINGLES Matches AND 2019 League Money Payouts at 8pm


Ryder Cup Dues:    All players will be required to pay $20 to participate in the Ryder Cup.  Entry Fee due by the September 3rd Draft.  Winning team will get $40 per player.


RgA Rules with USGA Rules will govern play.
Here are our additional local rules:
#1  I assume you are coming, unless you call (or TEXT) to cancel.  $20 Fine for not calling to cancel.
#2  Everyone gets a Breakfast Ball on their first hole.  If you hit it, you must play it.  You can't win CPs, LD, or BIRDIES with Breakfast Balls.
#3  Although it is against USGA rules for OB markers, you may take relief from any of the fences around the golf course.
#4  Playoff matches that are tied after 9 holes should proceed to the next available hole and play SUDDEN DEATH with NO HCP.  However, if the spread was 9 strokes (our maximum), the player would continue to get a stroke per hole in the extra holes.
#5  Triple Bogey is the highest score you should record on your scorecard.  You may score higher than triple bogey for purposes of you match, but for purposes of your handicap you should only record a triple bogey.
#6  Any match that isn't played will be considered a TIE.
Tee Information:
Since our A Flight is our premiere flight, and the guys in there earned their position on a tee set-up similar to Shadow Lake’s BLUE tees, A Flight will play from the BLUE tees, regardless of age.
E & F Flights will play from the WHITE tees, regardless of age.
B, C, & D will have a mix. Players under 40 will play from the BLUE tees, while players 40 and over will play from the WHITE tees.
Currently, we don't have any players that have requested to play the GOLD tees.  However, anyone over the age of 65 may request to play the GOLD tees, unless they are in A Flight, then they must play from the BLUE tees.

Scratch Matchplay Tournament Champion:
  • 2018 Taylor Pawlish
  • 2017 Brandon Tonkovich
  • 2016 Jon Walsh
  • 2015 Jon Walsh


Scratch Strokeplay Tournament Champion:

  • 2018 Brandon Tonkovich
  • 2017 Brandon Tonkovich, Jim Mitchell, John Walsh, Russ Picard, David Paladino
  • 2016 Jim Mitchell
  • 2015 Dave Perry
  • 2014 Taylor Pawlish
  • 2013 Dave Perry
  • 2012 Dave Perry


HCP Matchplay Champion:

  • 2018 Paul Shanta - B
  • 2017 Bill Rusnak - A
  • 2016 Jim Littler - C
  • 2015 Dave Deklewa - F
  • 2014 Doug Warzinski - B
  • 2013 RJ Jernstrom - D
  • 2012 Dave Perry - A
  • 2011 Jason Klein - B
  • 2010 Jay Blount - B
  • 2009 Cux Colantoni - C
  • 2008 Paul Coultas - A
  • 2007 Ron Coultas - B

Lowest Scoring Average:

  • 2018 Brandon Tonkovich 37.53
  • 2017 John Walsh 37.36
  • 2016 Jim Mitchell 37.47
  • 2015 Jon Walsh 38.67
  • 2014 Dave Perry 40.74
  • 2013 Dave Perry 39.89
  • 2012 Dave Perry 40.67
  • 2011 Paul Coultas 42.05
  • 2010 Paul Coultas 43.38
  • 2009 Keith Wuenchel 43.08
  • 2008 Grant Burcham 42.57
  • 2007 Paul Coultas 44.07



     3 under - Jim Mitchell 8-23-16

     2 under - Jon Walsh 6-2-15, 6-21-16, 7-26-16

     2 under - Taylor Pawlish 6-21-16, 4-25-17

     2 under - Karsten Farrell 6-21-16

     2 under - Brandon Tonkovich 8-1-17, 6-26-18, 

     1 under - Paul Coultas 8-16-11

     1 under - Dave Perry 8-20-13, 8-4-15, 7-10-18

     1 under - Taylor Pawlish 7-21-15, 8-2-16

     1 under - Terry Waxler 8-11-15

     1 under - Jim Mitchell 7-5-16, 7-12-16, 8-9-16, 8-30-16, 6-26-18

     1 under - Jon Walsh 8-2-16, 5-23-17, 8-1-17, 8-7-2018

     1 under - Bill Rusnak 5-23-17

     1 under - Brandon Tonkovich 6-27-17

     1 under - David Paladino 8-1-17

     EVEN PAR Club - Paul Coultas, Jason Klein, Dave Perry, Jon Walsh, Karsten Farrell, Jim Mitchell, Paul Shanta, Taylor Pawlish, Russ Picard, Bill Rusnak, Brandon Tonkovich, Doug Dombroski, Jim Picard, Nathan Buick


Hole in One during League Play

      #14 - 161y, 9-Iron - Paul Coultas 5-30-2007


You do not have to tee-off if you don't want to.  However, IF YOU START A MATCH, YOU MUST MAKE EVERY EFFORT TO FINISH IT, EVEN IF YOU HAVE TO WAIT FOR THE WEATHER TO PASS THEN PLAY IN SLOPPY CONDITIONS ALL THE WAY UNTIL DARKNESS.  By being a league member, you are committed to be there until darkness, if necessary to finish your match.  

Any match that is not finished that night is considered SUSPENDED and must be finished before next week’s golf.  If you are both able to arrive early the following week, you may finish your match before our normal 5:30pm start.  If you can’t arrive early enough, please decide on when you will get together to finish it before the next week.  Matches that are tied may be replayed from the beginning the following week.

To avoid scheduling backups the commissioner reserves the right to have a match replayed if either player leaves and the match could have been finished that night. The commissioner also reserves the right to award a match to the leader if a player leaves and the match could’ve been finished or if the players are unable to get together before our 5:30 PM start time the next Tuesday. 


Additional Nightly Games:

Each evening of individual play, there will be a "Birdie or Better" SKINS game and a Chip-In game. This money will be listed in BLUE on the main score sheet and paid nightly. 

The following rules will apply:

"Birdie or Better" SKINS game - $10 per player * Birdies on the same hole will CANCEL each other * $100 maximum value of a SKIN * No Birdies = Money carries to next week * Birdies or Better from Breakfast Balls DON'T count * All payouts will be ROUNDED DOWN to the nearest $5 increment with remaining money rolling over to next week.

Chip-In game - $5 per player * All chip-ins will split the pot * No chip-ins = Money carries to next week * Chip-ins are anything holed from off of the putting surface, PAR not needed * $100 maximum value of a CHIP-IN * A 100+ yard HOLE-OUT wins the pot over all other chip-ins * Multiple 100+ yard HOLE-OUTS would split the pot, regardless of their distance * All payouts will be ROUNDED DOWN to the nearest $5 increment with remaining money rolling over to next week.